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ISBN: 978-1-4443-3494-4
400 pages
March 2019, ©2018, Wiley-Blackwell
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  • Table of Contents

PREFACE Literary Study of the Bible: And the Word Became Text 8


Chapter One the Dream Was Doubled: Reading like A Hebrew 19

Seeing Deep and Whole: Stereoscopic Vision 20

Tabernacles for the Sun: Biblical Genres 36

Chapter Two in the Scroll of the Book: Composition and Canonicity 44

The Documentary Hypothesis: Its Origins, Assumptions, and Evolution 45

Hypothetical Documents: Divine Names, Disputed Dates, and the “Polychrome Bible” 48

Toledoth: Generations of Genesis and Torah 59

New Testament Sources: “Q” and A 61

In His Hand was a Measuring Rod: Community, Councils, and Canons 63


Chapter Three Hebrew Poetry: Deep Calls to Deep 76

In the Great Congregation: The Many Voices of Psalms 76

A Pentateuch of Poems: The Five Books of the Psalter 79

Create in Me a Clean Heart: Interior Drama and Psychological Discovery 86

Play Skillfully: Figure and Form 97

Figurative Language 97

Form: Parallelism--Synonymous, Antithetic, Synthetic 99

Form: Refrain and Litany 101

Form: Juxtaposition 103

Love Strong as Death: The Song of Solomon 104

Lyric Sequence or Dramatic Narrative: Whose Story? 105

Allegory? 109

Literal Love Story? 112

Earthly Desire and Heavenly Longing 116

Chapter Four Wisdom Literature: Understanding Their Riddles 118

Take Hold of Her: Wisdom and Desire in Proverbs 121

She Calls Aloud in the Streets: Wisdom and Folly Personified 122

Folly Made Flesh: The Loose Woman 125

Wisdom Incarnate: The Good Wife 129

The Beginning of Wisdom: How to Read a Proverb 134

--Enjoy Your Toil: The Counter-Wisdom of Ecclesiastes 138

Under the Sun: Living by Mortal Light 141

The Wind Whirls About: Cycles and Cynicism 144

Remember Your Creator: The End and the Beginning 149

Chapter Five Origin Narrative I: Divine Images in Genesis 153

Biblical Narrative Style: The Elements 154

Minimalism 154

Wordplay 157

Doubling and Repetition 158

Juxtaposition 159

Deferred Judgment 160

Irony--Sad, Happy, Complex 165

Day of Days: Creation in Stereoscope 168

And It Was Good: The Quiet Polemic against Creative Violence 170

In Our Image: Man or Manikin? 177

Male and Female: Gendering Genesis 179

Flesh of My Flesh: Biblical Erotics and Marriage 181

Nakedness and Knowledge: Deception, Folly, Fall, and Curse 186

Chapter Six Origin Narrative Ii: Patriarchy and Its Discontents in Genesis 197

“Arc” of the Covenant: The Story of God’s Contracts 199

Kinds of Covenant: Bilateral and Unilateral 201

Keeping Covenant: Promises, Conditions, Signs 203

Specific Covenants: Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic 204

Warts and All: Abraham and Anti-Patriarchal Patriarchy 222

The Older Shall Serve the Younger: Against Primogeniture 235

What Will Become of His Dreams: Joseph and His Brothers 257

Chapter Seven Biblical Epic I: Making the Nation in the Pentateuch 282

--Mosaic Epic: The Priestly Kingdom 282

Moses: A Man Drawn Out 287

The Exodus: Let My People Go 292

Exodus and Leviticus: Covenant Law and Liberty 301

Mosaic Covenant: Moral, Civil, and Ritual Law 305

Moral Law: The Ten Commandments 306

Civil Law: The Hebrew Constitution 309

Ritual Law: Sacred Space and Time, Life in the Blood 316

Epic Fail: The Golden Calf 322

Numbers: Rebellion and Wandering 325

Deuteronomy: The Law Renewed 332

Chapter Eight Heroic Narrative: Remaking the Hero in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth 340

Joshua’s Conquest: Taking the Promised Land 341

When the Judge Was Dead They Reverted: Cycles of Decay in Judges 351

Alternative Heroes: Ehud, Deborah, Jael, and Gideon 354

Weak like Any Other Man: The Tragedy of Samson 367

The Anti-Hero: Right in His Own Eyes 374

Famous in Bethlehem: Ruth and Boaz, Local Heroes 384

Chapter Nine Biblical Epic Ii: Making the Kingdom in 1 And 2 Samuel 396

Saul’s Epic Tragedy: A King like All the Nations in 1 Samuel 396

The Glory Has Departed: Samuel, the Ark, and Israelite Survival 397

Cross Destinies: Saul, David, and Chiastic Plot Structure 405

David’s Epic Tragicomedy: A Sure House, A Lasting Covenant in 2 Samuel 431

From Strength to Strength: King in Hebron, King in Jerusalem 434

Cross Destinies Times Two: David, Absalom, and Double Chiastic Plot Structure 441

Coda: He Who Rules Over Men 456

Chapter Ten National Narrative: Chosen Stories of Chosen People In Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Esther 460

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings: Kings and Chronicles 461

Cast Down the Mighty: Highlights of Misrule and Divine Intervention in Kings 481

Doubled, with a Difference: The Book of Chronicles 496

Return and Rebuild: Ezra and Nehemiah, Restorers of the City 498

For Such a Time as This: Esther in a Strange Land 512

Chapter Eleven Drama: The Divine Tragicomedy of Job 524

Job as Primal Theater 526

Prologue: Nakedness and Knowledge, Again 528

Act 1: Debate Begins--Job 4-14 534

Act 2: The Pace Quickens--Job 15-21 539

Act 3: Climax, Sullen Silence, and Summation--Job 22-31 544

Act 4: Elihu, Angry Young Man--Job 32-37 548

Act 5: The LORD Answers--Job 38-42 552

Epilogue: Theodicy vs. Theophany and Satan’s Real Absence--Job 42 556

Chapter twelve prophecy: who speaks for god? 561

Nevi’im: Prophets Former and Latter, Major and Minor 562

Forthtelling Prophecy: Elijah, Elisha, and Social Justice 564

Foretelling Prophecy: The Scandal of Prediction 566

Messianic Prophecy: The Anointed One 571

Apocalyptic Prophecy: Visions of the End, and the Beginning 573

The Major Prophets: Isaiah through Daniel 575

Isaiah: The Art of Prophesying 575

Jeremiah and Lamentations: The Weeping Prophet of Hope 581

Ezekiel: Son of Man, Can These Bones Live? 591

Daniel: Man Greatly Beloved 596

The Minor Prophets: The Day of Small Things 602

Hosea: Take Unto Thee a Wife of Whoredoms 602

Joel: The Day of the Locust 603

Amos: Let Justice Roll Down like Water 604

Obadiah: Concerning Edom 606

Jonah: Should I Not Pity Nineveh? 606

Micah: Birth Pangs of the Kingdom 608

Nahum: Woe to the Bloody City! 609

Habakkuk: On the Day of Wrath, the Just Shall Live by His Faith 610

Zephaniah: I Will Gather Those Who Sorrow 611

Haggai: The Desire of All Nations 612

Zechariah: Behold, Your King 613

Malachi: Who Can Endure the Day of His Coming? 614


Chapter Thirteen Gospel Narrative: Kingdom Coming 620

Make It New: Another Covenant 620

A House Divided: Intertestamental Developments and Religious/Political Parties in Jesus’ Day 623

Synoptic and Johannine: Stereoscopic Vision Revisited 630

Mark, “Q” and Synoptic Composition 632

Jesus of History, Christ of Faith? 635

Tell No Man: The Messianic Secret 639

Parables: Kingdom Secrets, Ears to Hear 644

Gospel vs. Biography: Chosen Stories of the Chosen One 653

Matthew: Jesus, Son of Abraham 654

Toledoth Y’shua: The Generations of Jesus 655

Mark: Jesus, Son of God 658

Render Unto Caesar: Mark and Romanitas 659

Luke-Acts: Jesus, Son of Adam 663

Most Excellent Theophilus: Luke’s Testimony 664

Discoursing Wonders: Luke and the Marvelous 665

Acts of the Holy Spirit: The World Turned Upside Down 674

Preacher, Martyr, Evangelist, and Convert: Peter, Stephen, Philip, and Saul/Paul 677

John: Jesus, Son of the Father, Word Made Flesh 689

And Dwelt Among Us: Gnosticism Refuted by the Word Made Flesh 691

What Sign Do You Show Us?: The Semeia of John 696

Ordinary Splendor: The Miracle of the Everyday 706

Chapter Fourteen Epistle: Divine-Human Correspondence 709

Sent to the Nations: Pauline Epistles 713

Paul’s Letters to Churches 714

At the Center of Power: Romans 715

At the Center of Trade: 1 and 2 Corinthians 724

From Many, One: The Unity and Diversity of the Body in 1 Corinthians 725

Talking Like a Madman: Paul’s Self-Defense in 2 Corinthians 731

The Law of Grace: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians 734

Proclaim Liberty: The Damascus Road to Spiritual Freedom in Galatians 734

Cure the Walking Dead: Spiritual Rot and Resurrection in Ephesians 738

Let This Mind Be in You: The Springs of Joy in Philippians 743

Firstborn over All Creation: Christ Almighty in Colossians 746

Paul’s Apocalypse: 1 and 2 Thessalonians 750

Paul’s Letters to Individuals 752

Pastoral Epistles: 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus 753

More Than a Slave: Philemon 756

--General Epistles: Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude 757

Better Than Moses: The Letter to the Hebrews 758

Trials of the Faith That Works: James 761

The Forge of Persecution and the Cancer of Corruption: 1 and 2 Peter 765

Fire and Hope: Jude 769

Johannine Epistles: God is Love 771

Chapter Fifteen New Testament Apocalypse: Kingdom Come 780

Little Apocalypses: The Gospels and Epistles 782

An Angel Standing in the Sun: The Brilliant Difficulties of Revelation 786

Fearful Symmetry: Structuring the Vision 788

Theatrum Mundi: Staging the Vision 791

The Words of This Book: Speaking the Vision 792

If Anyone Adds and Takes Away: Interpreting the Vision 795

Preterist: Apocalypse Then 796

Historicist: Apocalypse Then to Now 798

Futurist: Apocalypse Soon 800

Spiritual/Symbolist: Apocalypse Now and Always 805

The Three-Fold Answer: A Symbolic Drama of Past, Present, and Future 808

Full Circle: A Tree in a Garden 811

APPENDIX 1 Suggestions for Further Reading 817

APPENDIX 2 Sidebars and Illustrations 820

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